Everything But Nirvana: The Authentic Leadership Journey of a Japanese Buddhist, Shoukei MATSUMOTO

Visiting the temple of "No-funeral" policy




Today I visited Outen-in temple in Osaka from Kyoto by crowded train.
Outen-in is very famous for its openness to public and policy of "No-funeral". Typical Japanese temple holds a lot of funeral ceremony but this temple doesn't. I talked to the Head priest rev. Akita and heard about the process of launching Outen-in. I would like to discover another good case of successful temples in the next generation.

After that, I visited Rev. Wakabayashi, a priest of Kosho-ji temple, who is an alumni of Jushoku-juku with another alum Rev. Watanabe. Since we have spent a whole year in studying management of temples, we are able to have deep discussion without preliminaries. It was a great meeting.
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>>Profile Born in 1979 in Hokkaido, after the graduation from The University of Tokyo, Keisuke Matsumoto has worked in Komyoji Temple Tokyo for 7 years. As a head of Young Buddhist Association of Komyoji Temple, he launched new initiatives like Temple Cafe Project and Twilight Music Festival. After studying MBA in India, he is teaching "Temple Management" in Japan.