Everything But Nirvana: The Authentic Leadership Journey of a Japanese Buddhist, Shoukei MATSUMOTO

Internship at Buddhist temple


From this month (October 2011), an intern began to work at Komyoji temple for 3 months.
His name is Mr. Takimoto, a student of Waseda University in Tokyo.

He is not a member of Buddhist family.
But he is getting interested in Buddhism and becoming priest.

Initially, he applied for Temple cafe staff.
After a meeting, he told me that he is wondering if he can become a Buddhist priest.
So I made 3 month internship program for him.
He will know what is becoming a Buddhist priest in Japan.

By the way, in this August, we accepted another intern from France.
He was a student of Grandes Écoles.
He didn't have an intention to become a priest, but was very much interested in Japanese culture.
I still keep in touch with him and he saids he will come back Tokyo soon.

I think internship at Buddhist temple is a very good way to know Japanese culture and cultivate your mind.
If you are interested, let me know.
I will make an effort to create a internship program for you as much as possible :)

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>>Profile Born in 1979 in Hokkaido, after the graduation from The University of Tokyo, Keisuke Matsumoto has worked in Komyoji Temple Tokyo for 7 years. As a head of Young Buddhist Association of Komyoji Temple, he launched new initiatives like Temple Cafe Project and Twilight Music Festival. After studying MBA in India, he is teaching "Temple Management" in Japan.