Everything But Nirvana: The Authentic Leadership Journey of a Japanese Buddhist, Shoukei MATSUMOTO



Hi everyone, I am Keisuke Matsumoto, a Buddhist priest in Tokyo.

I guess you don't know about our website "Higanji" in Japanese.

It's a famous website created by many young Buddhists across several traditional Buddhist sects and groups in Japan.

It covers current trend in Japanese Buddhism and introduces many contemporary Buddhist priests as "Bukkyo-Jin DB".

I am the founder of Higanji and now one of blog writers on the website.

Since last year right after Higanji got renewed, English version of Higanji has been unavailable due to technical issue and so forth.

But as we got many request to resume it from inside and outside of Buddhism world, we decided to launch it again.

Here I am the first (and in a meanwhile the only) writer of KNOM, the English version of Higanji.

In this blog "Everything but Nirvana", I would like to show you my daily life in Komyoji Temple.

I would not say my life is very typical as a traditional Buddhist priest. Sometimes It might look extreme.

But anyway, it is surely a life of Buddhist priests in Japan.

I belong to one of the most largest traditional Buddhist groups, called Jodo-Shinshu Hongwanji-ha.

I am more than happy if you enjoy my blog and get interested in Buddhism or culture in Japan.

Since you can see my profile from following links,



I would skip self-introduction.

If you are interested or hava any question, feel free to send a message.

I close this article here today. 

See you soon again.

Thank you so much and

May all beings be happy!

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>>Profile Born in 1979 in Hokkaido, after the graduation from The University of Tokyo, Keisuke Matsumoto has worked in Komyoji Temple Tokyo for 7 years. As a head of Young Buddhist Association of Komyoji Temple, he launched new initiatives like Temple Cafe Project and Twilight Music Festival. After studying MBA in India, he is teaching "Temple Management" in Japan.